Our brands and projects

Our brands and projects

Get to know our past and current projects on Amazon. Changing customer trends, intense competition and increasing selling costs mean that most products have a limited time before becoming unprofitable. In an evolving marketplace where the only constant is change, sellers have to constantly innovate and look for new opportunities to grow. With our experience, we are here to help you assess your situation and take the necessary actions to successfully start or grow your Amazon business.

Fast Mile

A growing selection of car products, sporting goods and outdoors accessories. Our team is currently developing more than 5 exciting car care products that will be launched this year to strengthen our positions in the German marketplace.

Enno Vatti

Enno Vatti designs great gifts for any occasion. More than 100.000 unique scratch-off maps and posters printed in Lithuania and sold to satisfied customers worldwide. Our Top 100 Movies and Top 100 Books bucket list posters are among the best selling items during the winter holiday season.


Our brand for health supplements, cosmetics and premium grocery goods. Wellstate is constantly changing its focus and looking for unexplored niches and natural, sustainable products.

Amber Crown

Handmade and 100% natural Baltic amber accessories for cats and dogs. Combining tick and flea repellent properties with elegant looks, our amber necklaces are a hit with pet lovers all around Europe.

Loving Mum

One of our first brands, created to provide highest quality products for babies and their mothers.